Deans' Office

Head of Dean’s Office: Mariann Rajtmárné Zsadányi

Main tasks

  • The Head of the Dean’s Office helps the Dean with the management of the faculty’s administrative, organizational and monitoring duties.
  • The office is managed by the Head of Office – directly subordinated to the Dean – and cooperates with the Head of Cabinet of the university regarding professional and official matters.
  • The Head of Office – having the approval of the Faculty Council – gets the assignment from the Dean.
  • The tasks of the Head of Office are to coordinate and manage the faculty’s administration; directly supervises the work at the Dean’s Office.
  • Helps also the administrative work of the Dean, the Vice-Deans, organizes and prepares the implementation of concrete decisions, administers the secretarial duties of the Faculty Council. The Head of Office manages the Faculty Council meetings and also other meetings’ technical and administrative implementation.

Office Staff


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