Scientific Organizational Units

The Faculty has the following four Scientific Organizational Units.

  • Research Coordination Center for Quality of Life and Health Sociology
    Its purpose is to examine the state of health, well-being and the social determination of health and illness.
  • Research Coordination Center for Gerontology
    Its purpose is to coordinate and organize domestic gerontological life, to help gerontology education in our country, but primarily in our Faculty. The center prioritizes the broad dissemination of gerontological information.
  • Research Laboratory for Molecular Gerongology
    Its aim: basic and applied research to explore aging mechanisms.
  • Talent Development
    • Frigyes Verzár College for Advanced Studies
      It provides additional skills and knowledge in line with the faculty's training profile.
    • Talent Development Program of the University of Debrecen
      The aim of the program is to promote the development of students' talent.
    • Students’ Research Society
      It promotes the deepening of knowledge related to the compulsory course material, the acquisition of knowledge that exceeds the training requirements, the curriculum, and promotes student research work.


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