Foreign Language Department

Division of Foreign Languages
University of Debrecen, Faculty of Health
Division of Foreign Languages
Teachers of the Division of Foreign Languages

  • Head language teacher:
    • Tilki Ágnes – English
  • ​Language teachers:
    • Biszkuné Orosz Tóth Ildikó – English
    • Deák Lászlóné – English
    • Sivadó Márta – German
    • Kovács Ilona – Latin

Address: University of Debrecen faculty of Health, Scientific, Informational and Administrative Unit H-4400 Nyíregyháza 2-4 Sóstói str.
Telephone: +36-42-598259
Taught languages:

  • general and professional English and German
  • Latin focussing on medical topics

Basic tasks
The basic tasks of the Division are to work out the structure of teaching languages at the Faculty as well as to provide lessons and prepare our students for passing the language exam which is necessary for them to obtain their degree. The English or German courses are compulsory for the students who gained admission to the Faculty of Health in 2015 or the following years, unless they held the language exam certificate required in the training programme.  
The Dean of the Faculty of Health highlights the importance of language learning, therefor the number of lessons within the framework of language learning has risen.
General English and German courses: ​

  • 1st semester 70 lessons
  • 2nd semester 70 lessons
  • 3rd semester 56 lessons

Professional English and German courses

  • 4th semester 42 lessons
  • 5th semester 42 lessons

Besides the compulsory courses we also offer optional ones with 28 lessons per semester to target either the oral or the written part of the language exam.
Latin is a compulsory course during the first 2 semesters. Its aim is to provide the necessary medical terminology for the students to make it easier to acquire Anatomy and other professional subjects relying heavily on Latin.
The regulations concerning language learning can be found in the Study and Exam Regulations:

A DE tanulmányi és vizsgaszabályzata

In teaching the professional languages we use the study-books written by the language teachers of the division of Foreign Languages. Certain materials were written for the project of TÁMOP-4.1.2.D-12/1/KONV-2012-0008 "SZAK-NYELV-TUDÁS”.

Further activities

Two or three times a year we organize language exams for the LEXINFO Language Exam Centre. The interlocutors are our English language teachers.
What is this language exam like?

  • It is an info-communication professional language exam at B1 (basic), B2 (intermediate) and C1 (advanced) levels.


  • The Faculty of Health is an accredited place of the LEXINFO Language Exam Centre at the following address: University of Debrecen Faculty of Health, Nyíregyháza 4400 Sóstói út 2-4.

For who?

  • The LEXINFO language exam was developed in English and German for students and adults at work who are devoted to informatics in their scope of interest or in their work by a software, data processing, applications, etc.

Why is it worth doing the LEXINFO info-communication language exam?

  • It can be useful for the admission into higher education, obtaining a diploma or finding a job.

What else should I know about the exam?

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