The Short History of the Faculty
The Faculty of Health of the University of Debrecen is situated in the centre of Nyíregyháza, in the county city of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County.
The institution was founded in Nyíregyháza on the 1st of September 1990. The training started with General Social Work and Health Visitor degree programs. In 1991 the degree program in Health Care Management, in 1993 the degree program in Nursing were launched. The degree program in Medical Diagnostic Laboratory Analyst started in 1997, a year later the degree program in Paramedics started, while the degree program in Physiotherapy started in 1999. On 1st January 2000 the integrated University of Debrecen was founded, the previously independent institutions were (re)joined with legal succession. Due to these changes our faculty joined the Centre for Medical and Health Sciences of the University of Debrecen, whose task was to provide health care services in the Eastern Tisza region and the North-East region, as well as to organize specialist and post-qualifying trainings for doctors, dentists, chemists, and other health professionals working in public health and health care.
The training programs of the faculty were accredited by the Hungarian Accreditation Committee that acknowledged our training programs. Throughout the development of our Faculty one of the most important steps was that the Faculty realized the potentials provided by the integration. Not only did our institution join the Centre for Medical and Health Sciences within a short time, but it took the advantages of cooperating with other faculties of the university. Our faculty has fulfilled the regional requirements set in the foundation document and has established cooperation with more than 20 hospitals, health care institutions and more than 120 social institutions in several regions, thus participating and integrating in the health and social care systems.
In accordance with the European Union conception, the faculty offers a training program that includes degree programs at bachelor (BSc/BA) and master (MSc/MA) levels, as well as post-qualifying training programs.
At present students can choose from 6 Bachelor degree programs, 4 Master degree programs and 9 post qualifying trainings (in Hungarian language) in health and social sciences and in pedagogy. The scientific background of the trainings is provided by the 14 faculties of the University of Debrecen, which is one of the best-known institutions in Hungary.
After the first Master degree program of the Health College Faculty had been accredited and registered, our institution altered its name to Faculty of Health and has been using it since 1st September 2007. In September 2008 the faculty was the first to launch the Master Degree Program in Health Social Work in the country. In 2009 the Hungarian Accreditation Committee accredited the Master’s Degree Program in Nursing as well as in Social Work and Social Economy (SOWOSEC), the latter one issues a Joint Degree.
Concerning the number of students the Faculty has become one of the biggest faculties of the University of Debrecen since 1990 and has created an excellent educational and scientific background strengthened by significant international relationships with about 14 countries. About 1500 students study in the Bachelor and Master degree programs and in the specialized further trainings. In 2015 the Hungarian Accreditation Committee accredited the Health Social Work Master’s Degree Program in English.

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