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Responsible for master program

Imre Semsei Dr. CSc, PhD, DSc


Qualification: Qualified Health Social Worker
Field of training: medical and health sciences
Length of training: 4 semesters
Credits: 120
Type of training: full time and part time

Recommended for

those who hold a bachelor degree either in health care or social studies and would like to work in health or social care provision, moreover who have already worked in these fields and plan to work on comprehensive issues as member of a multidisciplinary medical team. It is also recommended for those who would like to be a specialist in hospice care, elderly care, rehabilitation, patient care, and care for disabled people or addicts.

Our faculty allows quite a wide range of pre-requirements for the applicants who hold any of the following degrees or qualification:

  • General Social Work  or Social Work (traditional or bachelor degree),   
  • Social Pedagogy (traditional or bachelor degree),
  • Bachelor degree in Nursing and patient care, Health care and prevention, or Health care management, traditional qualification of Health Visitor, Qualified Nurse, Physiotherapist, Paramedic and Health Care Manager,
  • Social Policy, Political Sciences, Sociology, Social Sciences, Pedagogy and Psychology (traditional or bachelor degree)
  • Teacher training (traditional or bachelor degree)


The Health Social Work master degree program, which has stood the time abroad, establishes a new qualification in our country. All the social changes which characterize the developed countries lead to problems that cannot be handled by one and well circumscribed profession. Several issues require professionals who can apply their comprehensive knowledge in practice, are able to reveal and analyse the relation between health and social problems of the individuals and the society, work out development plans, work out and implement independent helping processes, work out and apply social diagnosis and therapy, and participate in team-work. To achieve these goals the Health Social Work master degree program offers a special training which provides unique interdisciplinary and integrated knowledge for students, for whom the gates to institutions of disabled people, elderly people, rehabilitation and other types of the whole health care system will open. Due to European priorities such institutions, one after the other, are being built or modernized and put in a claim for more professionals. So they offer attractive, tailor made possibilities.

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  • Master of Science (MSC) in Health Social Work
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