Responsible for bachelor program: 

Attila Sárváry MD, PhD vice-dean for educational affairs


Qualification: Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Nursing
Field of training: medical and health sciences
Length of training: 8 semesters
Credits: 240
Type of training: full time

Recommended for
students whose aim is to assist individuals, families and groups to determine and realize their body, mental and social possibilities in spite of challenges in the constantly changing environment where they live and work.

We recommend the Nursing training program at BSc level to such students who have a calling and inner motivation to help other people preserve their health, provide the necessary care and rehabilitation.

The goal of the nursing degree program is to train professionals who possess high level professional knowledge, who take up the responsibility to provide nursing for individuals, families and communities, who are able to do their best in health care and rehabilitation, who can make decisions in preventive care, curing, nursing care and rehabilitation at all levels of health and social provision.

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Last update: 2022. 10. 13. 10:12